Fresh Thought for Food

I do not like it without ham: I will not eat it, Sam I am.”  This is how I have often felt about nearly every vegetable.  Fortunately, despite this open hostility to healthy eating, my health coach, Danielle, was chill.  “OK, see you next month,” she would say, smiling, after I had spent forty minutes blowing up each idea she had for improving my nutrition.

At about the seventh month, I decided to try something different.  “I will agree to eat cauliflower, provided I can fry it in butter, serve it with maharaja curry spice, coconut milk, roasted cashews, and cilantro.”

Danielle smiled. “That sounds like a good way to prepare cauliflower,” she said.  “See if you can think of a good way to cook broccoli.”

So I did that, too. We added more vegetables to the list: black beans, cabbage, spinach, even kale.  Within two years, I was eating vegetables.  And loving it.

The point where my mind would instinctively lead me in search of vegetable dishes – as it had once done for Haagen Daz coffee ice cream or a perfect pepperoni pizza –  is still some steps down the path I am on.  I do, however, sense progress toward that end.

My new intuitions regarding vegetables are still improving with exercise.  I do consciously seek out vegetables,  I do find I enjoy veggie-laden foods for their complex and interesting flavors, and I love the rich variety that vegetables have added to my life.  Thanks to this focus on eating more vegetables I have effortly lost about thirty pounds.

Eating well leads us to be happier, more effective, people.  Making that happen for more people is why Singing Hen exists.  Please join us.

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